Nicole Roner who were born and raised in Scuol and Hamburg-base Juliane Hieber have been running Club CULT. BAR. CLUB. CULTURA since December 2017. 

They are both connected through their love for the mountains and the fun good parties bring as well as special events! 


Cult is going into its fifth and last Winter. We are still very happy about the support of everyone who has continuously promoted this project. Together with you we look back on really unique parties with international and national artists and DJ Sets. 


We want to continue adapting our program to the spirit of the time in the future. 

Of course we remain true to our motto BAR.CLUB.CULTURA. 

Fortunately, we are not yet running out of ideas. So we always take it as a positive challenge in this small village to find appeal with all ideas, to try something new again and again and to remain open to unimagined possibilities. 


We still thank everyone who has motivated us through their help, financially or emotionally, and with their creative inputs, to make the CULT what it is today!