A bit of CULT.History


A petition and the desirous, unconditional wish from the youth of Scuol together with convincing support of Not Carl, a Local Artist, to have a new place to party and to revive Scuols nightlife gave reason to Nici Roner and his companion Juliane Hieber to create a concept immediately. The idea was not only serving the young people in the small village in Grisons but creating as well space for culture and a spot which is not only high frequented during the Winter seasons. The former Sala Trü was announced to be rented for something like that so Julie and Nici conceived in a blink their idea to pitch it to the municipality of Scuol to get a real chance for realization. Nici Roner is born and raised in Scuol. Julie, the Hamburg girl, who used to live in Berlin for a Long while, brought together their know-how and experiences for a fresh and new program at Sala Trü. The special thing about CULT. is that it is not only meant to be a bar or a night club with DJ's and theme parties, but also a platform for various cultural events. The name of the project should give an impression of the basic idea and also picture the needed space to be able to be spontanious at any time and see it as a work-in-progress-thing for Artists and Avid People in any discipline. No barriers at all when it comes to event Ideas at



It turned out that Nici and Julie had made the race with their bid for a new Club in Scuol. In the beginning of October 2017 it became official. The concept and the idea for CULT. was accepted. YEAH! And immediately the renovation work of the former Sala Trü got started. They recycled and reused the facility and furniture to save money they don´t even had. The heads were spinning day and night to find sound ideas with the least effort and resources to breathe new life into the former Sala Trü but above all to create a spot where the Scuol Youth, but also any other age groups can identify with. Countless volunteers who selflessly provided their work and creativity made it possible that the former Sala Trü became the current CULT.


Several night shifts and a super-low-budget, a team of helpers, heart-companions and volunteers finally managed it that CULT. could open its doors on 16th December 2017.


Since than and further on the CULT.Community is growing everyday. We want to say Thanks again to all the people who had made this dream becoming reality. 


You were all so great!!